Gastric schwannoma presenting with upper abdominal pain: a rare case presentation

Debao Liu, Xiangshan Yang, Zhongfa Xu, Yan Li, Kaixi Fan


Schwannomas, also known as neurinomas or neurilemmomas, are tumors of spindle cells originating from any nerve that has a Schwann cell sheath. Mainly occur in the spinal cord and brain, the site contains more nerve in the limbs, neck, also more common. Schwannomas which occur in the digestive tract are rare, mainly in the stomach, followed by the small intestine, esophagus and colon are rare. Gastric schwannoma stomach neurogenic tumors accounted for 78% -82.4%, usually no obvious clinical symptoms onset, diagnosis mainly depends on immunohistochemistry.


Gastric schwannoma,Gastrointestinal stromal tumors,Pathological characters,S-100 protein,Differential diagnosis

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