Solitary intratracheal neurofibroma: a rare tracheal tumor

Misauq Mazcuri, Ambreen Abid, Tanveer Ahmad


Intratracheal neurofibromas are rare benign tumors with a tendency to transform into malignant form. Intratracheal neurofibroma remain asymptomatic and are incidentally found during routine radiography or may present with wheeze, cough and lower respiratory tract infection. We recently operated a 38 year old gentleman, who presented with progressive shortness of breath and chronic cough for two years. Examination was normal. CT identified a supracarinal, intratracheal mass. Rigid bronchoscopy revealed a hyper vascular mass, attached to membranous trachea. We performed resection anastomosis via right posterolateral thoracotomy. Histopathology revealed neurofibroma. Patient recovered well and was discharged after eight days.


Intratracheal neurofibroma, Resection anastomosis, Membranous trachea, Supracarinal

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