Urachal fistula in a 22 year male: a case report

Vipul Kumar Srivastava, Shilpi Roy, Ram Niwas Meena, Rahul Khanna


A patent urachus is one of the spectrums of congenital urachal anomalies. It has been termed as "urachal fistula" when the lumen of intra-embryonic portion of allantois persist abnormally.  Persisting urachal fistula is a rare condition mostly diagnosed during childhood or in autopsies. Here we report a very rare case of urachal fistula of a young male. We present a case of 22 years male with intermittent periumbilical pain and sero-purulent discharge from umbilicus since birth. On examination sero-purulent discharging umbilical sinus with granuloma was present. Surgical excision of whole of the urachal fistulous tract was done with repair of bladder. Patient did well during post-operative period. Persisting urachal fistula in adult is rare entity and difficult to diagnose because of low incidence and non-specific symptoms. So a high index of suspicion is required in order to make the early diagnosis of urachal anomalies.



Urachus, Urachal Fistula, Allantois, Umbilical sinus

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