A case of ovarian cyst torsion causing intestinal obstruction

Ravi Kumar Sabu Murugesan, Kannan Ross, Joyce Prabakar


Small bowel obstruction is a common surgical emergency. The common cause includes adhesions, malignancies and hernias which presents with abdominal pain. Small bowel obstruction needs to be evaluated and the cause should be found. Once the cause is established, appropriate management is to be carried out after initial resuscitation. Small bowel obstruction can be rarely managed conservatively. Ovarian cysts are commonly found in women. Most of them do not cause symptoms and resolve over one to two months with conservative management. Ovarian torsion refers to complete or partial rotation of adnexal supporting organ with ischemia. It can affect females of all ages. The most common symptom of ovarian torsion is acute onset of pelvic pain followed by nausea and vomiting. It can lead to gangrene of the ovarian cyst if left untreated. Once ovarian torsion is suspected and confirmed, surgery is the mainstay of treatment. Here we report a case of ovarian torsion presenting as intestinal obstruction.


Abdominal pain, Ovarian cyst, Torsion, Intestinal obstruction

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