Published: 2021-12-28

Analysis of intraoperative findings with clinico-pathological features in appendicitis-an observational study

Kumar Lakshman, Shilpashree Channasandra Shekar, Naveen Narayan, Suhas NarayanaSwamy Gowda, Veena Ghanteppagol, Sumaiya Fiyaz, Selva Rani, Pallavi Hosadurga Raghavendra


Background: Appendectomy is the most common abdominal surgery performed today. Appendicitis consists of vast spectrum ranging from acute to chronic to recurrent forms however existence of recurrent and chronic appendicitis is still doubted by many. In spite of various scoring systems and appendectomy being the ultimate treatment, its timing remains still controversial especially in chronic and recurrent variants of appendicitis.

Methods: A total of 100 consecutive cases of suspected appendicitis who were admitted investigated and treated at our centre were taken up for this observational study. Data pertaining to clinical, operative and histopathological findings were collected and tabulated. Mean and SD were used for continuous data and for categorical data, frequency and percentages were calculated. A chi-square test was used for categorical data to find statistical significance.

Results: Per operatively the appendix appeared non-inflamed in 57% of patients suggestive of chronic (recurrent) form and inflamed in 43% of patients suggestive of an acute form of appendicitis. The histopathological studies revealed chronic inflammatory cells in 63% of the resected specimens, suggestive of chronic appendicitis and acute inflammatory cells in 37% of the specimens, suggestive of acute appendicitis.

Conclusions: We conclude that the correlation of clinical findings, operative findings and the histopathological findings correlate with one another (p<0.001). The surgeon’s clinical and operative findings have specificity of around 87.30% and 90.47% respectively. Hence the diagnostic accuracy of the surgeon is directly dependent on the surgeons’ expertise and there is no substitution for an experienced surgeon’s judgement.


Acute appendicitis, Chronic, Recurrent, Recurrence, Histopathological findings

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